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Changing Lives

In 2008, we were given the best gift of our lives. In a remote village, in the countryside of Vietnam, our son Nam was put into our arms for the first time. That moment changed our lives forever. Since then, our family has been dedicated to helping the poorest children of that country receive a free education.  We started with a kindergarten, north of Danang. It serves over 100 children. Then, in 20016,  with his 9th birthday approaching, Nam wanted to send the kids at the kindergarten a jungle gym, so decided to give up his birthday presents in lieu of donations to the school. This set us off on a journey none of us could have expected. Our whole community became activated, and Nam's dream came true. He and his friends built a school for one of the poorest villages in the country, and even brought them clean drinking water. Watch the video to get the full story. Nam has big plans for this school, and there is a lot more work to do in order to offer these kids a good education that will lay the foundation to deliver them from poverty.


Your support is much needed and appreciated.

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