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CreateHER A Life Extraordinary.

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A Platform For Women To Exchange Wisdom

CreateHer Health. CreateHer Wealth. CreateHer Beauty. CreateHer Spirit. CreateHer Business. CreateHer Family. CreateHer Home.

CreateHer A Life Extraordinary


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 Women’s History Month

We are leaders. We are creators. We are inventors. We are warriors. We are way-showers. We are healers.  We are change-makers. We are extraordinary. 

This month we will explore our phenomenal heritage. Live each day to the fullest sisters. Anything is possible. No-one will live your life better than you. The world needs your magic- right now. 


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CreateHer Films

We are thrilled to announce we are currently in production of a documentary feature film about the extraordinary life and philosophy of Dr. Edith Eve Eger, New York nTimes Best-Selling Author, world-renowned Clinical Psychiatrist, and Concentration camp survivor known as “The Ballerina of Auschwitz"

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CreateHer Home
CreateHer Style
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I know from personal experience how easy it is to avoid, ignore, and push the financial plan down the road. But without a map, you’re likely to get lost and lose your way to your goals.

CreateHer Retreat





Throughout my life, I have been called to serve others, especially during times of transition.  I have served as a doula for may should coming into birth, and several souls in passage this life.  

With a professional background in performing arts, answering a spiritual calling was never something I had on my radar. But as life would have it, after being called again and again, to coach people through life's  biggest transitions, I had to admit to myself that my dharma is to be of spitiual service. Now a licensed minister, a birth and death doula and a marital and life coach, I get true satisfaction and puposefilled joy in helping people- especially women. 


I believe that our lives are like a giant garden, surrounding us in 360 degrees of flowers and nutritious crops. We must  tend to it, nurture it, weed it regularly of unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns and even people. We must harvest joy and gratitude, so  that in every season, we have beautiful blooms. 

Let's be honest,  if we have focused on our career, we wake up successful in that, but don't have the family or friends we hoped for. If we have focused on having a family, we wake up and don't have the career we hoped for. Throw into the mix, life's changes: kids go off to college, divorce, menopause... all of it can leave us feeling lossed or unfulfilled. Add to that, that our social circles tend to become more focused on the life we live mostly, so there is not a lot of diversity of new people and refreshing ideas- professionally and personally.

This is why CreateHer was born. Connecting a community of women with each other for friendship, support, business and personal growth.

I hope you will register and join us, so you can CreateHer a life of Joy, Prosperity, Conection, Purpose, Extraordinary.


xo Maria

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