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Original designs by Maria Cina

Made to order in the USA

Spiritual Lingeire Body Chains by Maria Cina have been favorited by super model Naomi Campbell, and super star Beyonce Knowles. Universal ALL has a chain made of diamond eyes, with sanskrit symbol pendants at each chakra point. The pedants are set with the precious gemstones most powerful for each chakra point: sapphires at the throat for communication; green emeralds at the heart for openness; yellow sapphires at the solar plexus for power; orange sapphires at the sacral chakra  for sexuality and rubies at the root chakra for the fires of life.  
Made of 18 karat gold and hand selected diamonds and gems.

Universal ALL Body Chain

SKU: UniversalALL
Gold Color
  • Made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Please measure from the clavicle throat, to 2" below the naval for length. There is some adjustability,  but please measure to be certain you are ordering the correct size. All sales are final.

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