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Event Schedule

Rev. Gillian V. Harris, Author "The Secrets of LOST: The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence"

11:50 AM - 12:15 PM Author Talk & Book Signing

There is no life after death. Because there is no death. Only life!”

Gillian Harris discovered her gift as a clairvoyant as a young teenager and spent her life discovering the true nature of humans as spirit beings. So when she discovered the award-winning television show Lost, she immediately saw a chance to use the provocative series as a springboard for a deeper discussion about the real meaning of life.

Using some of the most beloved scenes from the show, as well as entries from her own personal journal, Harris offers profound insight into the eternity of humanity and the peace of mind we can all have about the transition from one lifetime to another.

Rev. Gillian V. Harris, MSP, is an ordained minister with a master’s degree in spiritual psychology. She is a Reiki master and teacher, transition midwife, medium, channel, intuit, and the founder of Bless & Clear Sacred Ceremonies in Malibu, California.

Michelle Joyner, Writer, Actress, Coach

THE LONG TABLE is a weekly writing class on the west side of Los Angeles facilitated by Michelle Joyner. TLT is a creative and supportive community where women gather to craft their stories. We are novelists, poets, screenwriters, bloggers, playwrights, performers, essayists and novices... Come to The Table, your story will meet you there.

For The Createher Celebrating Women Event, Michelle will teach a brief 45 minute class to awaken your writer within.

Musetta Vander, Qigong Master

1:00 - 1:30 PM Heal Your Energy, Heal Your Life Workshop

Discover your body’s energetic language, and tap in to a healthier, happier YOU!


Qigong is a vast subject!  In this introductory lecture, we’ll sneak a peek at the What? Where? and How? of Qigong.


We are more than just our physical bodies. We have a mental, emotional and energetic component to us that directly impacts our health.

Our bodies are infinitely wise. Constantly recording every experience we have and storing them on a cellular and energetic level.  

More importantly - its always trying to talk to us, but we don’t always listen, or know how to. 


Yup, your body talks!  In this introductory lecture we’ll take a look at how.


With: Musetta Celentano M.M.Q  holds a Master in Medical Qigong and is certified in Medical Qigong Therapy and Medical Qigong Oncology.  

Having saved herself from debilitating surgery with qigong methods, Musetta passionately shares her knowledge with others to help awaken the healer we all carry within.


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